Paolo Diana on podium at the Legend Show

Paolo Diana clinched the third step of the podium at the Legend Show, the opening event of the 18th RallyLegend. The event was exciting and Paolo was the star of a great performance, giving back strong emotions to all the viewers. The exhibition race was won by the American ace Ken
Block while French Adrien Foumaux closed the race in second position.
Paolo Diana, helped by the navigator Francesco Fresu, appeared visibly excited after the race.
“Last night we started the warm-up for the weekend special stages. It was really great to compete with so many champions and get on the podium with Adrien Foumaux and Ken Block: each of them is a top driver in what they do. Being there with them was a great matter of pride for me. I was also very pleased to have given the emotion of the podium to my friend and navigator
Francesco Fresu, at his first Rallylegend “.